Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TI Davinci, the video platform

One of the latest platforms provided by TI (Texas Instruments) for video phone applications. Its a dual core platform, with C64x+ CPU for the DSP applications and ARM 9 as general purpose processor. The C64x+ is clocked around 600MHz and the ARM 9 around 300Mhz. Davinci 6467 is the latest of the series. You can choose the OS to be run on ARM and that on DSP is DSP BIOS, TI's proprietry.

The most attractive features of the platform are a resizer module for image enhancements (mainly for rescaling). It supports 1/4x to 4x scaling, the frame buffer- On Screen Display, Video buffer & the transparency window. Transparency window is used set the transparency b/w OSD and Video buffer. Corresponding to each pixel there is a 3 bit value associated. The osd support the 565 format and Video Buffer supports UYVY format, in effect 16 bits / pixel.

It supports the various Video standards like NTSC, PAL, S-video. Also the drivers are complined with V4L2 format.

Also Ti have most of of latest codecs, video as well speech optimized for the same. So its is very easy to start with the development of the video phone application

A link to Cache and DMA architecture of C64x+.
Here is another link to an introduction to optimization if C64x+.